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Visual Identity


Core Elements

Tools and rules for a consistent brand.

The identity is comprised of three core elements: logotype, typography and color. These key components combine to form the visual cornerstone of the identity. When used according to the following rules, Wellbcompany can speak in a cohesive and recognisable tone of voice in every market around the globe.

Work in progress


Wellbcompany’ logotype is the most important element in our corporate identity and should always be treated with respect. At the moment, our logo is only a wordmark. We work continuously to complete our logo.

The logotype will appear as a sign-off or endorsement on all of our communication and reinforces the authority of our brand.

Work in progress


Typography is an essential component of the visual identity. Our choice of typeface gives us a voice that’s both friendly and authoritative, while ensuring a uniformity across all touchpoints and forms of communication.

The identity places a heavy emphasis on contemporary typographic expression, but also ensures clarity of communication doesn’t suffer as a result. Freight Display Pro, and the treatment of it, creates a visual coherence across all of our communication and helps us increase recognition and strengthen our brand.

Freight Display Pro typeface is Designed by Joshua Darden. From Phil’s Fonts. Those warm proportions give balance for easily read headlines, running heads and subheads while still standing tall if reversed-out at smaller sizes.

Freight Display Pro

Prevention is better than cure.

Our Brand Typeface is used in four weights – Light, Normal, Medium and Bold.

The four weights each have their own functionality and uses, meaning that headlines, body copy, and supporting typographic detail are all accounted for. With these options available, it’s easy to communicate clearly across all types of application, from larger messaging to smaller, more informative texts.

The evident contrast between the weights ensures there’s a clear definition between them, and means it’s easy to achieve typographic hierarchy whenever necessary.


Bold italic


Medium italic


Normal italic


Light italic

Weight bold is intended for headlines, display typography and titles.

It can also be used as a way of highlighting smaller texts, but its predominant usage is for hero messaging.

Prevention is better than cure.

Light or normal is used for all areas of body copy and smaller text. It’s the most effective of the three weights for legibility, and as such, is best used when trying to communicate information clearly and practically.


We dare to be seen, take a seat and go against the flow. Through IT, knowledge and commitment contribute Wellbcompany and its solutions to a movement towards the health revolution that society demands.

In all situations, we promise to be innovative and work to reduce mental illness in society by boosting well-being. We spread knowledge and train Well-being coaches who have the task of leading their clients and clients to new progress.

Inter is used to provide typographic contrast, and is often paired with headlines. It is most commonly used for sub headlines, or images text and descriptions.

This is supporting typeface Inter

Inter is used to provide typographic contrast.

Since our brand typeface Freight Display Pro is a strong brand carrier it should be applied whenever possible within our organisation.

However, when there is the need for a system font which requires no special license and is available on all computers, our fallback choice is Georgia, Garamond, Times New Roman or the nearest serif typeface available.

Your approachable Serif is our choice as a fallback.

Work in progress


The Wellbcompany color palette is one of the brand’s most powerful and recognisable assets.

Our most iconic colors are the Wellb Petroleum and the Wellb Red. Colors will most likely be adjusted and a green color added.